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Driving smart - Road to future

OBD Car Doctor is Android / iOS mobile application that connects to vehicle’s on-board diagnostic computer using OBD-II protocols via Bluetooth/Wifi adapters. The app gives wide opportunities for the on-board diagnostics of the car. If you don’t have OBD adapter you can use application in GPS mode (speed, altitude) Logbook (fueling and service notes) and alerts creating.

Read, record and store parameters in real-time and view it in form of charts and graphs

Read and clean diagnostic trouble codes of your dashboard

Fuel economy and consumption ratings with Economizer parameter

Create custom parameters combination to monitor several parameters altogether (PRO)

Get mapping car parameters results while driving (PRO)

Configurable files support to expand the list of supported auto or auto systems

Connect mobile app to the web portal for safe and easy storing and data revie

Record parameters in background mode (PRO)

Get instant notifications about vehicle faults: create and manage custom alerts

Reliable Car Connection with OBD Car Doctor Auto Scanner

Get official OBD Car Doctor Adapter, that was developed and tested by the OBD Car Doctor's professional engineers. It is recommended Bluetooth Adapter for iOS & Android devices and best suitable with our OBD Car Doctor Application.

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4,000 000+ Downloads and 150+ Countries app users!

About 5 years ago, we launched OBD Car Doctor project, an application for connection to the car’s on-board computer and retrieving data about car and engine performance for further analysis and driving optimizing. Today the total number of downloads of basic and PRO versions Android and iOS applications over the 4 million. It’s the reason to be proud!


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